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    Cuisine to satisfy the senses

Our Services

Delivering chilled food; not frozen.

20 years of culinary expertise combines with chef driven standards to deliver to your plate innovative solutions for all your catering needs.

Ready to heat

Quality assured

Robust flavours

Fresh produce

Our Range

Providing quality cuisine to satisfy all the senses

Our Sauces

Pure Aus sauces begin with our own clarified stocks, infused with each distinct flavour profile. Seasoned, then reduced to allow for optimal taste and coating consistency, they provide the perfect base or finish for any dish.

Sous Vide’ Range

Our choice cut Australian meats are slow cooked to ensure a tender eating experience while preserving maximum protein character notes.

Oriental Flavours

Provincial traditions combine with modern technique to deliver an Asiatic blends of spices, offering flavourful and full bodied aromatic sensibilities.

European Flavours

Contemporary cooking techniques, prime meat cuts and local market-fresh vegetables pay homage to the subtle refinement of Europe’s best classics.

Our Soups

Hearty and robust flavours are celebrated with the marriage of locally sourced fresh vegetables, signature stocks and the patient infusion of time.